Selected Choreographic Work


Choreographing is a daring and vulnerable act. To create dance is to expose your genuine self, ideas, and emotions with others. For me, it is also a way of thinking about the world and about the people in it. I make dances to deeply explore experiences, philosophies, stories, personas, or phenomena. Choreographing is my activism. Choreographing strengthens my understanding, increases my capacity for empathy, and profoundly connects me to other people.For me, a successful dance is one that is carefully crafted, thoughtful, and genuine. While my own creative process continually undergoes change, the goal for my work remains the same: to bring to life an individual perspective on the world, no matter how dark or humorous, painful or euphoric.

The Dispossessed


Music: Silver Apples of the Moon, M. Subotnick

Length: 10 minutes

Performers: 4

Within the Interstice


Music: Moonlight Sonata, L. Beethoven

Length: 7 minutes

Performers: 5

Shadows of the Moon


Music: Cello Sonata, C. Debussy

Length: 15 minutes

Performers: 4

Suite for Seven


Music: English Suite No. 5, J. S. Bach

Length: 20 minutes

Performers: 7

No Exit


Music: Antonio Carlos Jobim, W. A. Mozart

Length: 8 minutes

Performers: 4

Spooky Action at a Distance


Music: Original score by J. Reed

Length: 18 minutes

Performers: 6


Music: Black Angels, G. Crumb

Length: 20 minutes

Performers: 12

Of the Transcedent Unknown
My Heart's in the Highlands


Music: My Heart's in the Highlands, A. Part

Length: 9 minutes

Performers: 5

Gestures from the Sawdust Root


Music: Clarinet Sonata, F. Poulenc

Length: 15 minutes

Performers: 7

Film Shoot 33-(ZF-4709-05519-1-010).jpg
Out of the Air

2013, Dance for Camera

Music: Original score by J. Reed

Length: 10 minutes

Performers: 3

False Prophets


Music: Penderecki, Pärt, Utah Phillips, J. S. Bach, Nina Simone

Length: 50 minutes

Performers: 8



Music: Original sound score by J. Reed

Length: 26 minutes

Performers: 7