Entangled (2019)

Choreography & Direction:
Sarah Hixon
Music: Jacob Reed
Dramaturg: Chris Leyva

Entangled examines three disparate narratives, one on an intimate scale, one on a global scale, and one on a galactic scale. The colossal transformation of galaxies colliding, the crisis of arbitrary global borders, and the personal drama of sharing spaces begin to weave and overlap. Associated movements and motifs become jumbled, occurring with different stories, and eventually delving into chaos. The juxtaposition of these stories reveal surprising connections throughout, as well as moments of humor, pathos, and wonder. Finally, dancers and narrative are unified by the understanding that humanity has the power to transform its place in the universe, and it is our collective responsibility to “deal more kindly with one another” even as our potential self-destruction looms.

Entangled creates a disorienting effect through the concurrence of aural narrative and movement. Inspired by the impending collision of our galaxy, Entangled uses science to reveal our complex relationship with transformation. Commissioned writings by scientist Dr. Gregory Mack and playwright Chris Leyva ultimately reveal our perceived similarity of transformation regardless of scale. The commissioned sound score by Jacob Reed includes selections from the Voyager golden record. The final narration and unison movement is full of pathos for man’s inhumanity to man and disregard for the planet. Yet the work ends with the hope that, in recognizing our insignificance, we remember to look beyond ourselves. Only this will save humanity and our existence on this planet.