Spooky Action at a Distance (2019)

Choreography: Sarah Hixon
Music: Jacob Reed
Science Consultant: Dr. Greg Mack

"Spooky Action at a Distance" began when my friend, Greg Mack, sent me a bundle of hand-written pages outlining several physics concepts that might make interesting dances. He, I, and music director Jacob Reed discussed the theory of entangled particles in Quantum Mechanics. In this theory, the physical properties of two particles can become entangled and remain so over vast distances. When you measure or observe one of the particles in one place, the other particle—even light years away—will instantly change its properties, mysteriously connecting the two. This “spooky action” or change typically creates opposition (e.g., if one spins left, the other spins right). This concept is the foundation for the composition and choreography of the first piece on tonight’s program. In it, you will see and hear pairings created by the dancers and musicians. As the environment changes, the pairs begin to move in opposition.